Boards, Committees & Staff

Church Council 

The Church Council is responsible for the administration of church affairs and transaction of business through coordination with all boards, committees, administrative and pastoral staffs. The Council meets monthly and is chaired by the elected Church Chairman who is ex-officio member of all boards and committees. In addition to the Senior Pastor and  Board Chairs, the council is comprised of the elected Treasurer, Church Clerk and (2) Members-at-large.

Finance Board

The Finance Board is comprised of the elected Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Financial Secretary. The Treasurer coordinates all financial activities of the church, boards and committees; prepares the Annual Budget, and oversees a system for financial accounting and reporting. In addition to being back-up for the duties of the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer tabulates all offerings jointly with Financial Officers and co-signs requests for payment. The primary duty of the Financial Secretary is to maintain the system of accounting for individual giving and to make the bank deposits.

Missions Board 

The Missions Board is comprised of not fewer than six elected members who administer the missions program. They publicize missions information to the church, communicate regularly with supported missionaries, plan missions conferences and events and make missionary support decisions.

Global ministry is a very important priority for the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley, 25% of our  unrestricted giving is dedicated to this task. We support 23 Global Partners and their families who take the Gospel message of Christ’s salvation to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Islands, and places here in the United States. Our Missions Center in the Church Foyer displays more information about our Global Partners. Stop by the center to pick up a copy of the prayer guide or the latest newsletter from our featured partner of the week.

Elder Board 

The Elder Board is comprised of not fewer than seven men who are members of the church and meet the spiritual qualifications as found in 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The elected Elders are responsible for the oversight of the spiritual life and ministry of the church. They serve as Christ’s under-shepherds in caring for the members of the congregation through teaching, counsel, encouragement, correction and discipline. They serve as men who will give an account to the Lord for their stewardship of this ministry.

Deacon Board
Audit Committee

Appointed and Ad Hoc (as needed) committees are authorized by the Church Council with all  committees selecting their own chair. The Nominating and Audit committee members are elected at the annual meeting by the voting membership.

Nominating Committee