Faith Community Nurse

Karen Lickteig, RN
The Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse (RN) committed to the healing mission of the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley. As a member of the congregation, the faith community nurse focuses on health promotion, disease prevention and the holistic needs of body, mind and spirit. She works with the pastoral staff to identify and respond to the health and health related needs of the congregation.
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Weekly Office Schedule

Monday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm
(except when church office is closed)
Anyone is welcome to come in for a free blood pressure check or to talk about health issues and the available resources to get the proper services for your needs. You may also call Karen at 404-6534, with questions or concerns. Stop by the Faith Community Nurse Bulletin board in the Fellowship Center hallway of our church for printed information on health issues and announcement details of community events.
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Community Classes

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Are you Doing Something About It?
What May Cause You to Fall:
  • Poor Balance **
  • Dehydration
  • Leg Weakness
  • Low Blood            Pressure
  • Poor Flexibility
  • Being Startled
  • Fear of Fall
  • Weak Muscles **
  • Arthritis
  • Pride *
  • Medications
  • Poor Vision
  • Disabilities
  • Orthostatic Hypotension
** Balance and Weakness:
  • Do exercises to improve muscle and balance.
  • Attend  our Monday Health Focus Class – 10:00 -11:30 am at the church, or any other exercise, strength and balance class in your community.
  • Make your house safe, contact SHiM (Safety Health in Motion program by the Green Valley Fire District), and also see this Preventing Falls article.
* Don’t Be Prideful
  • Ask for assistance, use a cane or walker when needed.
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Walk to Jerusalem Completed by April 3 with Over 8200 Miles and Counting!

We arrived by Palm Sunday and for the beginning of Passover. Please take time to read Psalm 121 and 122, two of the ascent Psalms. God protected us as we did our walking. Blessed art Thou, the Lord God, King of the Universe. Continue to put on the miles by walking and enjoy better health! 
Thanks to all who participated, Karen
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 Medical Conditions – Info

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Resource Links – Reference Info

Valley Assistance Services
Community Connect by Posada Life
Pima Council on Aging
Vacation Bible School Web Banner

Christians Helping Christians With Each Others Medical Care Costs

Did you know there are programs called Health Care Sharing (started by Christians) to pay each others Health Care costs? Christians are helping each other with Health Care needs through prayer, encouragement and easing financial burdens. There is a monthly fee based on your situation. They also have supplement plans for Medicare users. Click on the website links to the right for further information.
Christian Healthcare
Samaritan Ministries
Christian Care Ministry
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When to Consult with Your Faith Community Nurse

        • Need support and information on health care issues for yourself and/or family members.
        • How to care for someone you love, including support services and prayer.
        • Needing support referrals.
        • Education on healthier living: Material handouts, CPR and First Aid Classes, upcoming community           classes.
        • Questions on filing out your Emergency Medical Card on file at the Church.
        • Need a listening ear and prayer partner.