Adult Bible Class

Adult Bible Classes are held in the Fellowship Center (DVD class) and Conference Room (Bible Study class)  simultaneously with our Sunday morning worship services. During our winter worship season when we have 3 Sunday morning worship services, the Adult Bible Classes are held simultaneously with the 2nd and 3rd  service. The Education Committee is chaired by Dick Nattrass.
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Bible Study Classes – Conference Room

September 9 – December 2 

New Believers Class

8:45  am
Teacher: Pastor Jack Capen

September 2 – December 16

“The Gospel According to Peter (Part II)

10:30  am
Teacher: Don Dykhouse

DVD Class – Fellowship Center

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November 11 – December 9

“Clash of Kingdoms”

DVD By: Ray Vander Laan
   8:45 am – Bruce Hocking
  10:30 am – Gary Loving
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December 16 – 30

“Who Needs Christmas?”

DVD By: Andy Stanley
   8:45 am – Tom Marek
  10:30 am – Jack Taylor
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January 6 – April 4

“Heaven on Earth”

DVD By: David Jeremiah
8:00 am – TBD  
9:30 am – TBD
11:15 am – TBD